About Us

About Us

by Excel Sports

Founded in 2006

Excel Sports was founded 12 years ago with the plan of changing the focus of children’s coaching. The idea was to inspire children and make them understand the benefits of sport such as playing with their friends, making new friends and getting involved in sport. These important issues became the focus of the coaching ethos that underpins each session. Ensuring children enjoy sport is paramount to any future participation and at Excel Sports this is extremely important.

At Excel Sports we place a huge emphasis on having fun and getting children involved in sport. Our Sessions, run by our dedicated and enthusiastic coaches, encourage children of all abilities to come along and learn in a safe and relaxed environment. Our classes are a great way for children to meet new friends and get rid of that pent up energy after a day in the classroom.

“The sports camps run by Tom are superb and my son has loved them. Tom is the most wonderful coach and gives such enthusiasm to the boys.”

Anna Branch

Each session is structured to allow the children to learn at their own pace in a pressure free environment. From the basic fundamental movement skills such as balance and co ordination to developed skills and game play, each child can be guaranteed a session to suit their needs. This approach gives children the chance to understand the way their body works all whilst learning new football specific skills, which will undoubtedly stand them in good stead further down the line.

Coaches act as role models for children so at Excel Sports we make sure we only hire the coaches that can guarantee a quality service. The coaches engage the children and make them feel safe in an environment that allows the children to broaden their horizons and build confidence. Our job as coaches is to maximise the inherent joy of sport and to allow the child to experience sport for all its wonders.

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