Excel FC

Competitive Youth Football Teams

Welcome to Excel FC

Founded in 2017, Excel FC was created for those committed players who have trained within our Excel Sports ‘Football Development Programmes’ and who wish to continue their football journey and development.

We decided to enter the competitive local Middlesex Youth Sunday Football League to offer our players the opportunity to train and play at a higher level and to enjoy the buzz of Sunday football.

We have ten teams ranging from u7’s-u12’s competing in the 2021/2022 season. As we continue to grow as a development club, we welcome new players from the local community who may want to join the Excel Family.

We believe our Excel coaching philosophy and our specific player development programmes enable each player to reach their full potential in a fun learning environment.
We are very proud to offer grass roots football to the local community.

Join Excel FC

New players are always welcome to come along and join our development programmes which are open to everyone and all new players are welcome to join for a free first trial session.

Home Ground & Venue

Excel FC are based at the Kings House Sports Ground, Chiswick and train and play on the 3G pitches. An amazing sports ground with superb facilities including a clubhouse, bar, changing rooms and free car parking.

Training Times:

Under 7’s – Saturdays 9.00am-10.30am
Under 8’s – Saturdays 9.00am-10.30am
Under 9’s – Saturdays 10.30am-12.00pm
Under 10’s – Saturdays 10.30am-12.00pm
Under 11’s – Saturdays 10.30am-12.00pm
Under 12’s – Thursdays 5.30pm-7.00pm

Match Days:

The normal kick off time is between 9.00am – 11.00am – however this can change due to fixtures and allocation. Parents will be advised of match details at the earliest opportunity before the fixture.

Current Squads

U7’s Oranges
U8’s Oranges
U9s Oranges
U9’s Blacks
U10’s Oranges
U10’s Whites
U11’s Blacks
U12’s Oranges

Our Mission:

  • Develop local players working in line with our proud reputation as a community development club
  • Develop individual and team skills through high quality, age appropriate and professional coaching
  • Promote high standards of sportsmanship and behaviour that befit a professional club committed to the principles of the FA
  • Develop a style of play that promotes a high level of technical skill
  • Induce a competitive spirit and the will to win as a team, whilst respecting the match officials, laws of the game and opposition
  • Welcome all players, staff and spectators, irrespective of their ability, gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, colour, religion or sexual orientation.
  • Encourage fun and enjoyment; we are a hub of the community and a club that contributes positively to Chiswick and surrounding areas

Our Vision

To ensure that all players reach their full potential whilst enjoying active and competitive football. We aim to identify talent who have the necessary skills and qualities to compete at a high level, create players with the appropriate technical, tactical, physical, and psychological traits needed to be successful, as well as the confidence and ability to express themselves and take risks when appropriate.

We will develop players to have an understanding of all positions, formations and tactics and be competent to use effective decision making and creativity, both as an individual and as part of a unit/team, to overcome the various challenges and problems posed in the modern game.

Club Philosophy

In line with our vision and principles we will expect our teams to play in line with the following philosophy:

In Possession:

“Play through the thirds with first thought forward, second thought keep the ball”

Out of Possession:

“Deny space and regain possession early”

In Transition:

“The 6 second rule”

This can be broken down into more detail as below which falls in line with the Football Association Future Game Philosophy and reflects many of the styles and approaches demonstrated by high-performing teams.

In possession:

  • A possession-based approach played through the three-thirds of the pitch
  • Quality passing and intelligent movement and support off the ball
  • Penetrative, incisive and varied attacking play, allied to good finishing
  • Counter-attacking whenever opportunities arise
  • Encouraging the individualistic player

When possible, play out from the back and through midfield, progressing play to create chances with clever and creative play. Goalkeepers will be comfortable in possession, distributing the ball to defenders who are confident to receive the ball and pass, or run with the ball, into midfield.

Players in all areas of the pitch will be encouraged to retain possession by building play through the three-thirds of the pitch, developing their passing skills focusing on accuracy, variety and incisiveness. Incisive passes with the ball being played through, around, or over, the opposition to create goal-scoring opportunities.

Possession will be supported with an emphasis on intelligent movement with players encouraged to interchange positions to receive the ball.

Young players will be given the opportunity to play in lots of different areas of the pitch. Developing counter-attacking opportunities, learning how to play the game at different speeds, developing an understanding of different approaches, patient buildup play or incisive counter-attacking depending on the state of the game and the organisation of the opposition.

Players will be encouraged, at different times, to join in with attacking play with an emphasis on variety and creativity. Individual dribbling skills and the ability to go past players using a skill or trick, particularly in the final-third and these individual abilities will be encouraged and developed wherever possible.

Out of possession:

  • A tactical approach to defending, in which all players contribute
  • A controlled, calculated, and assertive approach when and where necessary

Without the ball:

Developing an understanding and application of defending skills with an emphasis to regain the ball skillfully and intelligently, rather than simply chasing after the ball. This will include all players on the pitch and not just those in more defensive minded positions. Players will be encouraged to develop their understanding of when to attempt to regain the ball early (when the opposition do not have controlled possession) and, alternatively, when to recover, drop-off, and work together to prevent the opposition from executing attacks (when the opposition have good possession).

Coaching Programme:

The coaching plan for the entire season will be in place before pre-season begins in July as well as the learning objectives for each session. This will allow all coaches to plan ahead throughout the season and also adjust their sessions to what the week’s topics are.

The programme is split into 2 different phases:

  • Foundation Phase – Under 7,8,9,10 age groups – This is for the youngest age groups and works on a highly technical programme to increase players ability on the ball. All players should be playing mixed positions at these age groups.
  • Development Phase – Under 11,12,13,14 age groups – A balance between technical and tactical understanding in small situations (2v2, 3v2, 3v3) will allow the player to start working on their decision making in games. Players should be starting to specialise in positions but still be moved around to help their learning.

Seasonal Plan

The entire seasons coaching sessions are planned out at the start of the year and will be based on 5 different topics; Ball Control, Passing, Dribbling, Finishing and Defending. The sessions will move from one topic to the next and will link in with each so there is a gradual progression. The 6th week is free for talks with parents and players about individual tasks and challenges. Then the 5 topics will start again but will be progressed from the last coaching stream. This way the sessions will constantly build on each other throughout the season to help produce the more complete player.

Coaching Plan

The coaching plan is a more in-depth version of the seasonal plan and is what the coaches will be working off in terms of the outcome they need to get from each session.

Each sessions learning objectives are based around the four corners or technical, tactical, psychological and physical ability. These four corners will revolve around the idea of teaching the players about transition, what to do when we win the ball and what to do when we lose the ball. This is a seed that is planted at a younger age and is develop significantly as the players get older. Each session will have learning objectives which are what the players need to have learnt and understood by the end of the session. This will help develop the players and help the coaches in their planning of the sessions and give them a more specific focus. As well as this we will be creating players who can self-correct and give them a deeper understanding of the game.

Get in touch to book a free first trial session.