Are you looking for some extra football coaching for your child?

Children develop at different stages, and often need extra coaching. Is your child looking to improve their game? Perhaps they’re just starting out and want to get a head start, or maybe they’re already playing and want to enhance their skills and confidence.

Whatever your reasons, our 1:1 coaching sessions are the ideal way to perfect your child’s technical skills and ability and improve your child’s overall game.

Our sessions allow the player to gain that extra advantage over the competition in a private environment. The player can be coached and will progress at a pace that is suitable to them without outside influences and distractions of other players.

At Excel Sports, not only will we look at developing the strengths of your child, but most importantly, addressing the weaknesses in their game by producing a structured training programme to give positive and lasting results.

All packages and training programs are tailored to meet your child’s needs.

The hour-long sessions take place seven days a week, please contact us for more details.


What is 1-2-1 training?

1-2-1 training is an excellent way to help build self confidence and enables children to learn at a speed, specific to their needs. Focus is placed on one individual and allows the player to practice skills and techniques, whilst having a coach on hand to provide instant feedback and information to improve every shot, cross or pass. If you would like to improve as a striker, midfielder or defender we can give you the correct information to help you along the way.

How does it work?

After consultation with parents and players, we form an understanding of exactly what they are looking to achieve from 1-2-1 coaching. We then prepare a personal training programme for each player. Every training programme we provide is designed to be SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time based. This is reviewed constantly and new GOALS are set. GOALS can be anything from simply preparing for the school team trials to children on the verge of joining professional clubs.

What will I see?

We use our time effectively to focus on the key developmental areas of an individual’s game. We improve players by teaching them the correct techniques and mastering the basic skills of football. We have specific equipment that enables children to relate their training to match situations. We always encourage players to try new things and play with freedom, creativity and flair.

How long does it take to see results?

One thing we can guarantee is that 1-2-1 training is a fantastic way to improve quickly and see faster results. Every child is unique and will learn at different speeds, repetition is key to learning any new skill. We aim to give the children the information to help them improve not only whilst they are with us, but when they are in the garden or in the local park with friends.

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